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Academic promoter

Ali Nabizada

Ghent University/UCLouvain (joint PhD)

Prof. Kim Verbeken (UGent)

Prof. Pascal Jacques (UCLouvain)


Developing hydrogen-resistant materials by innovative alloy design

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Research video pitch

In-depth characterization and theory-based assessment of hydrogen-microstructure interaction allows identifying active deformation mechanisms and how they are impacted by hydrogen. This research will further develop strategies to make metal alloys more hydrogen-resistant.

It is well-documented that hydrogen has a detrimental effect on the mechanical properties of many metals. Unfortunately, no consensus on the responsible failure mechanism has been achieved yet. Further detailed investigation of the active mechanisms that govern this phenomenon is therefore essential.


This PhD will focus on the in-depth characterization and theory-based assessment of the hydrogen-microstructure interactions in the case of strategic alloys. Analysis of the influence of the hydrogen diffusion, solubility and trapping on the active plastic deformation mechanisms and on the resulting mechanical properties will be done. The resulting built knowledge will help further developing hydrogen-resistant materials going from steels to high entropy alloys, which is key for the successful implementation of the hydrogen economy.


The current PhD topic aims consequently at further developing our understanding on the hydrogen/metal interaction on a microscopic scale.


There are no publications yet. Come back soon to check for news.

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