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Academic promoter

Elisa Stendardo

VUB/UMONS (joint PhD)

Prof. Julien Blondeau (VUB)

Prof. Laurent Bricteux (UMONS)


Towards fuel-flexible industrial combustion: investigation of the combustion performances of
H2 and H2-based fuels


Research video pitch

This research will focus on accurate modelling of the combustion process of H2, H2-derived fuels and their mixtures in industrial applications (gas turbines)​ using Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The goal is to predict combustion efficiencies and pollutant emissions.

Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels will play a role in a wide range of combustion applications for the restitution of the stored energy at the end of the hydrogen-based supply chain. Fuel flexibility will be an important characteristic of furnaces and combustion chambers used in the power production, steel, glass and cement industries, among others. The performances of retrofitted or new installations in terms of combustion efficiency and pollutant emissions require fundamental knowledge of the structure of the flame and the main chemical pathways at stake.


In this PhD, we will investigate the combustion of gaseous fuels derived from green hydrogen by means of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations using advanced Large Eddy Simulation (LES) techniques combined with advanced chemical mechanisms reduction techniques. The main technical challenge will be to deliver accurate simulation results based on the state-of-the art chemical mechanisms within a reasonable computational time, for the relevant fuels and fuel mixtures. Conclusions will be drawn from these fundamental results for the modelling of the combustion processes in industrial applications.


There are no publications yet. Come back soon to check for news.

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