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Maria José Mendoza Morales 

Université de Mons

Prof. Ward De Paepe

Prof. Julien Blondeau (VUB)


Impact of H2, H2-based fuels
and their mixtures on the thermodynamic performances of gas turbines of different size


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This research will investigate the impact of green H2 and H2-based fuels on gas turbine cycle performance. This will be done for small and large scale turbines using steady-state and transient simulations.

Gas turbines are obvious candidates for the restitution of the energy stored in hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. Besides the obvious impact on the combustion process, the use of these fuels has also an impact on the performance of the cycle, due to the changing properties, the changing pathways from storage to use in the gas turbine, and possibly due to cycle alterations, needed to increase fuel and operational flexibility.


In this study, the impact of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels on small (micro gas turbines) and large-scale (CCGT) gas turbine cycle performance using advanced steady-state and transient cycle simulations will be investigated. Within these simulations we focus on both the retrofit of existing units as well as the development of future units, possibly exploiting cycle innovations for improved fuel and operational flexibility. Moreover, the preparation of the fuel, from storage to combustion chamber, will receive particular attention.


The main challenge lies in the correct simulation of the different cycles. Representative applications from different sizes will be studied, and conclusions will be drawn on the expected impact and output of the cycles, as well as on the most beneficial pathway for the usage of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.

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