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Samuel Jottrand

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Prof. Patrick Hendrick

Prof. Jeroen Van Beeck (VKI)


Study of low-cost compressors for GH2 storage at high pressure

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Research video pitch

The objective of this research is  to define and implement a techn(ic)o-economic Model and Assessment Tool for the selection of the technology and the characteristics (design, working and performance parameters) for compression systems of GH2 for transport and storage.

Regardless the production technology and end use, gaseous hydrogen (GH2) will always need storage at high pressure with pressure increases between 6-7 and 30 and mass flow rates from a few g/s up to tens of kg/s. Most compressors used today for gaseous hydrogen compression are either positive displacement compressors or centrifugal compressors. Alternatives to mechanical compression systems, that are currently in the research and development stage, include the use of electrochemical reactions, metal hydrides and ionic liquids.


This PhD will study the GH2 compressors in 2 aspects: a technical one looking at the different solutions available for GH2 compression and an economic one defining the cost of the compressor and the associated storage tank (c€/kg GH2 or LCOH). This PhD will develop a techno-economic tool for GH2 compression and as a function of the application. LH2 will also be considered as an alternative solution for the longer term. This tool will help stakeholders and administrations to make decisions related to technical choices to obtain hydrogen at (very) high pressure for different applications using H2 itself or derived e-fuels (e-methane, etc.).


There are no publications yet. Come back soon to check for news.

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