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BE-HyFE at 'Helicopter view on the green hydrogen opportunity' event on 20.04.22

Our BE-HyFE project will be part of the hydrogen event "Helicopter view on the green hydrogen opportunity" on 20.04.22 at Ostend (Ostend Science Park, Bluebridge). The project will be showcased as an example of how we innovate and shape the academic hydrogen backbone in Belgium.

But there's more: two of our early stage researchers will be given the chance to pitch their research topic to an audience of experts, both on the industrial and the policy level. What a great opportunity for them, so early on in the project! The selected researchers will be added soon.

The line-up for this event is impressive, and so is the rest of the program. Go and take a look at the full day and why not register while you're at it (either for the live sessions or online)?

Hope to meet you all there!

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