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First BE-HyFE HydrogenWeek: aftermovie

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The BE-HyFE project has several goals: first and foremost there's the 16 Hydrogen PhD topics! But next to those research stories, the project also offers our 16 PhDs ample training and workshops, networking opportunities and 3 HydrogenWeeks during the course of the 4 project years to immerse them into the entire hydrogen value chain.

And then there's the major goal: setting-up the academic backbone for Belgium, starting with our group of 16 researchers, but quickly expanding to all other interested researchers from Belgian knowledge institutes.

We're happy to say the first HydrogenWeek in May hit right on the mark with:

  • 9 hydrogen lectures, also live-streamed for the researchers at home

  • a site visit to see the energy transition happening in the industrial world

  • active workshops to find solutions together for current hydrogen problems

  • our first big Hydrogen Research Event, bringing academics together ànd linking them with industrial partners

  • and during all that...we also had loads of fun and formed tight friendships as a bonus

But don't just take our word for it! Have a look at our short aftermovie showing you, in a nutshell, what the BE-HyFE project, and in this case the HydrogenWeek, is all about:

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